The Standard Encyclopedia of Opalescent Glass: Identification & Values by Bill Edwards


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From its beginnings in the l880s, opalescent glass has enjoyed a widely receptive audience, both in England where it was introduced and here in America where a young but growing market was ready for any touch of brightness and beauty for the hearth and home. Glass authority Mike Carwile, who has written books on carnival and pressed glass and Millersburg crystal, presents an all-new sixth edition on the ever-popular opalescent glass. Glass production by both American and English glass companies from 1880 to 1930 is covered in this edition. With around 170 new patterns featured, this expanded volume holds over 950 color photographs. Detailed information on several prominent glass manufacturers is included, and the bound-in price guide lists nearly 6,400 pieces in six different colors. This book is sure to shine on your bookshelf!

158 pages, Hardcover

First published February 1, 1995

ISBN: 9780891456452

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