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Complete descriptions, values, model numbers, dates, and markings for more than 1,000 dolls will assist in identification of these highly sought-after dolls. Barbie and all her friends made from 1959 through 1995 are depicted in 1,800 full-color photographs.

from the book jacket flap:

Here’s the book you’ve been waiting for—the definitive illustrated identification guide dedicated to the queen of fashion dolls and all her friends and family.

Author and Barbie specialist Marcie Melillo meticulously details every doll, including body style, markings, hair color and style, and facial paint—even arm and head molds. Nothing is left to the imagination. Sharp, full-color head and full-view photographs (more than 1800) take the guesswork out of identification.

Inside The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book you’ll see U.S.-issued Barbies from 1959 to 1995, with all model numbers and box dates. For your convenience, you’ll also be able to verify issue prices and compare them to current market values resented in two grades of condition.

An indispensable index includes extensive cross references so you’ll find what you need quickly and without questions.

Unlike any other Barbie reference, The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book captures the true spirit and charming individuality of more than 1000 Barbie dolls, including her friends and family.

The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book is the only book on the market with enough information to help you easily and accurately identify all the dolls in your collection—plus the incredible finds you’ve yet to discover.

You’ll trace Barbie’s life, from her stunning 1959 debut through the fabulous 1995 season in easy-to-follow chronological order. Ken ad Skipper each have their own chapter, too. You’ll also see all Barbie’s friends and family. Plus, two chapters are dedicated to series and limited edition dolls.

Capture the spirit of the world’s most popular doll in The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book. You’ll get every bit of information you want—and need—to make your collection complete.


First published November 1, 1996

ISBN: 9780873413978

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