A Collector’s Guide to the Patsy Doll by Ethel Stewart and Katherine Dennis


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The Patsy Family of Dolls, manufactured by Fleischaker and Baum, or EFFanBEE, were at their peak of popularity during the early 1930’s. They were made of a sturdy composition material that had replaced the use of the extensive disc characteristic of the older European dolls. The dolls had distinctive and appealing child faces , many of them created for EFFanBEE by Bernard Lipfert. For several decades the EFFanBEE Company has produced popular dolls. The Patsy Family represents one of its greatest successes and is a challenge for any doll collector. There are $15 and the family, many of which have several variations. Most of the dolls were composition with molded hair. Many were characterized by one bent arm or a molded headband. When the dolls were new they each had a bracelet with a metal gold colored heart, or later a paper gold heart that identified the doll in the manufacturer. As the years pass the dolls become increasingly difficult to find in good condition and at the same time are becoming more valuable and exciting to locate. We have attempted to write a practical and concise aid for the collector in seeking and identifying these dolls. We realize that there must be variations and combinations still unknown to us. We hope to hear from collectors with additional facts so that the pool of information may grow. — from author’s Note

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