Pocahontas Cissy 21″ Handmade Sample & Painted & signed by Doug James, artist

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Pocahontas Cissy.  LE.  Handmade Sample from designer Doug James.  Box and certificate are signed.

Raven haired 21 inch Madam Alexander Cissy Pocahontas is wearing black brocade shoes with rhinestone buckles and gold leather heels, white tights, a boned hooped petticoat, her deep violet colored silk skirt with matching bodice with trim down the front, her burnt orange brocade over robe with gold trim, her wired white collar and her white lace and black velvet head piece.

Comments from Doug James:  “This was the last Cissy I did for Madame Alexander. By this time I had decided to do important American women. Pocahontas could be considered the first truly important American woman and I thought a Cissy depicting her to be very appropriate. Research gave me clues to her look and coloring.”

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