Imperial Glass Co. 1904-1938 Catalogs Reprint by Douglas Archer


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Reprints of the following: 5 Imperial Glass 1). Catalog 100F, circa 1904-1910 (lampshades and smokeshades) * 2). Catalog 104E, circa 1904-1920 (various glassware) * 3). Catalog 101D, circa 1920-1932 (various glassware) * 4). The Bargin Book Catalog, circa 1910-1929 (various glassware) * 5). Catalog Book E, circa 1914-1937 (patterns and specialty glass) * Large format 8.5″ x 11.25″ 212 pages, Also gives history and background information, trademarks. Includes Nuart, Nucut, cut patterns by Crown, novelties, opal glass, firepolished, Imperial patterns, Stritch Glass, more than a dozen iridescent colors, and more. Dishes of every sort (plates, bowls, tumblers,pitchers, cups, saucers, shakers, goblets, compotes, etc.) plus vases, shades, holders, sets, trays, candlesticks, bottles etc.

228 pages, Paperback

First published June 1, 1978

ISBN: 9780891450740

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