“Jeannou 1930s” by Vera Scholz 25″ Fashion Doll Made in Germany


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NEVER REMOVED FROM BOXThis ​25″ ​doll by Vera Scholz was completely made by hand in the doll
workshop in Waltershausen (WPM). The doll ​is 25″ and created with a new material, Biggidur and ​meets the highest
quality standards and is a guaranteed limited edition.

Each doll has a numbered identification card. 
 Jeannou  is not only the first fashion doll from Vera Scholz but her first doll with hand-painted eyes and hand-painted molded pumps.
 Jeannou was created for collectors who like to change their dolls. New clothes and accessories are constantly being offered.   From 1930 to 2000 she will change her outfit in keeping with the changing times. Her range of hairstyles, clothes and accessories will be constantly expanded.
Jeannou’s story starts in 1930, when she was a young lady of 21. She wears a pleated dress made from black-brown georgette. It fits closely, as was
typical for that time, and has a V-neck and ribbons. Over this she has a loose jacket in another design, but suited to the colours of her dress. 

Appropriate for the fashion of the time is her long necklace and earrings. A black woolen felt hat with a wide brim completes her elegant appearance. Her
hair is, of course, is human hair. She is on a shopping trip with her little dog

Our material BIGGIDUR® makes the dolls look as if they have a soft.
tender skin. The porcelain-like finish and attention to detail in the
manufacturing process guarantee that the Waltershauser Doll
Workshop creations have an incredible life-like expression which is
not to be found in any other doll.
The Jeannou dolls are all In compliance with age-old traditions of WPM dolls.   

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