Pooh’s Little Book of Feng Shui


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Hardcover book with dust jacket. Inspired by A. A. Milne. Illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard. Feng shui, the 4,000 year old Chinese art of living in harmony with one’s environment, has come to the Hundred Acre Wood. This ancient science has been practiced by generations of people to promote health, wealth, and happiness. Now Pooh and company put these traditions to use to bring even more perfect balance to life in the forest. It’s no surprise that Tigger’s bouncing welcomes the dragon’s life breath, bringing opportunities and good fortune. Piglet’s violets are carefully placed at the east and southeast, ensuring good health. As for Pooh, good fortune comes in the form of a honey jar (a full one, of course). And he knows that positioning the pot in just the right place will bring balance to – well, to Pooh!

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