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LE750. Black Hair/Brown Eyes. Fully Articulated. Includes card illustration. Pictured Right. Sugg. Retail: $150

In addition to her outstanding singing career, Ichimaru was granted the title of Head Master of Nakamura School of Edo Ko-uta in 1960. She was also the recipient of many awards:

1970 – Geijutsusai Shorei Sho (Art Festival Award) 1972 – Shiju Hoso (Imperial Order of the Purple Ribbon) 1975 – NHK Hoso Bunkaso (NHK Radio/TV Cultural Award) 1981 – Kun Yonto Zui-ho Sho (4th Imperial Order of Precious Treasures) 1990 – Pola Culture Promotion Society’s 10th Anniversary Special Grand Prize.


At the age of 91, Ichimaru passed away in 1997, leaving a legacy of traditional folk music for modern day Japanese. Despite the odds she faced in the beginning of her life, with sheer determination she rose above adversity and achieved her goals in becoming a skilled singer and was known as a great and unparalleled singer by music critics of Japan.

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