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2000. Costume Only. No Doll. Designer: Regina Ganem

“Happy Holidays!” sang the speakers high above the Rockefeller Center skating rink, as the statue of Prometheus gazed down on two young women, as giddy as schoolgirls. You’d have never guessed from their antics that one was a successful New York City doctor–and that one was one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars!

It began when one of Gene’s closest friends from Cos Cob phoned, asking Gene to New York for a holiday reunion. Gene was delighted. Appointments on both ends were juggled–and soon the day arrived.

Gene, in a trim green suit, waved to her friend across the plaza. After a delightful lunch, they found themselves in front of the rink.

“I haven’t in years,” said the Doctor.

“Me, neither,” said the Movie Star. “Which means we SHOULD!”

And with rented skates on their feet and laughter on their lips, the two old friends skated the afternoon away.

As dusk began to fall, Gene looked into her friend’s eyes. “Thank you for this perfect gift,” she said.

“But I haven’t given you ANY present!” protested her friend.

“Oh, but you have,” insisted Gene. “You have given me your time and your friendship. That’s just about the most perfect gift of all!”

And as the two of them hugged in the middle of the rink, Gene’s friend wiped away a perfect tear.