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1999. Costume Only. No Doll.

Hollywood does its part for the war effort, producing films that make American hearts beat with patriotic pride…and make a rising star out of a lovely tap-dancing lady known as Gene.

Sea Spree was one of Gene’s earliest films, the one that clearly established her as “Our All-American Girl”. Landing the plum part of the spunky dancer in this razzmatazz wartime musical was quite a break for her career. It featured Gene in two show-stopping dance numbers that enthused audiences from the front row of the theaters to the front lines of the war.

Gene’s character is a dancer performing in the hit Broadway musical Sea Spree. She hasn’t heard from her boyfriend (an ensign in the Seventh Fleet) for weeks and fears the worst. When the Navy asks the cast to travel to the Pacific to perform for the G.I.s, Gene jumped for it. “I’d dance across the decks of the whole Seventh Fleet, just to find my man and throw my arms around him,” she declares with a determined glint in her blue eyes…echoing the feelings of thousands of girls longing for their G.I. guys to come home.

In the big dance number, Gene taps a salute to the brave boys of the U.S. Navy wearing this crisp sailor suit with halter top, wide-legged pants with nautical button detailing, and a loose-fitting jacket. Matching shoes, hose, jewelry, and a hair ribbon complete the outfit. Then, Gene’s boyfriend (back from a secret mission) joins her in mid-tap for the happiest ending in the Pacific!


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