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Gene Marshall, Girl Star by Mel Odom. Hardcover. First Edition. Published 2000. GENE MARSHALL: GIRL STAR by Mel Odem and Michelle Sommers, Illustrations by Clyde Smith and Mel Odem, Copyright 2000. This book is a First Edition. Hardcover. 191 Pages.


Who was that beautiful girl sweeping past the crowd at last night’s big New YOrk City premiere? The gorgeous honey blond with the perfect body, big baby blues, and a pair of legs that won’t quit?

GENE MARSHALL: GIRL STAR is the chronicle of the meteoric ascension of one of Hollywood’s most dazzling stars. In 1941, Gene was discovered at a movie premiere while serving as an usherette. Her journey from the darkened theater to the silver screen–told here in full for the first time–became dream fodder for a weary post-Depression America sorely in need of fantasy. This book is about the very beginning of the voyage that would lead Gene to the massive dream factory that was Monolithic Pictures and establish her as one of the greatest stars of Hollywood’s golden age.

Much of what the press has written about Gene’s early success was more fiction than fact. Now, at last, friends and associates of the 1940s film goddess have spoken out to set the record straight about the incredible dramas and near calamities that marked the miraculous road to her first triumph. Her guide/mentor, the mercurial German director Erik von Sternberg, reminisces about his discovery of Gene. Other contributors include the beautiful leading lady Marsha Hunt and legendary gossip maven Cora Harper. The book is vividly illustrated with full-color photographs and brilliant drawings of the vibrant characters and events that shape this swing-time Cinderella story. As a portrait of Hollywood in its heyday, GENE MARSHALL: GIRL STAR has it all: legendary stars from Clark Gable to Rita Hayworth, croquet parties at moguls’ houses, slick nightclubs, and the gossip of studio commissaries. It also tells a story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats–Gene’s true life has drama to rival the action in any of her classic pictures.

If you have been scratching your head wondering why you have never heard of this famous actress, it is because Gene is a fictional creation. She is in fact a beautiful, meticulously crafted fashion doll that has taken the collectibles world by storm, giving Barbie a run for her money. Gene Marshal is the brainchild of renowned artist (and avid doll collector) Mel Odem; almost one million Gene Marshall dolls have been sold since they were introduced to the market in 1995. Whether you are a newcomer to the fabulous world of Gene or one of the cadre of fans who already know and love her, this classic “star is born” story will sweep you away to a different era of glamour and excitement.

This hardbound book measures 8-5/8″ x 11-1/4″, contains 191 pages, mint condition.

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