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Blossom’s Playroom. Includes Blossom and little friend in clear front apple case.

Treena goes ‘out on a limb’ to make playtime fun and we do mean a limb! What’s better than a fun-loving group of diminutive friends that live in a dollhouse? How about that same group happily living in a tree!

Treena and her friends play and live in a sturdy treehouse – and not just an ordinary one. This special manual-closing playset comes with ten separate rooms, including a balcony, a fantasy garden, and even a working elevator! Unique rooms include a dining room, bedrooms, a tearoom and even a fantasy garden that comes with vegtables that “grow” submerged in the garden and “harvested” with a gentle tug. Extra pieces of fruit adhere to the tree with velcro easily “snipped” with bladeless safety scissors designed especially for small hands.

Treena’s Treehouse comes with twenty pieces of furniture and accessories to decorate and add play value for girls ages 3 and up. Freestanding playrooms for Treena’s friends and accessory packs are sold separately and include Maya’s Mushroom Restaurant, Candy’s Apple House and more!

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