Ruby, Magical Musical Lady 23cm (9″) Snow White Resin Full Body Pink tones Handpainted by Nefer Kane

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Circus Kane.  One of the Kind.  Ruby, the first Magical Musical lady. 23cm (9″) Snow White resin with 20mm eyes full body painting by Nefer Kane.  Handpainting by Nefer requires several hours,

. She takes 20mm eyes and is almost 9″, 23cm tall. Her wig and bow are magnetic so they are removable at your convenience. The magnets of the bow are invisible therefore when you remove it, it shows only flawless sculpted hair. Her clothing is sculpted on her body, it can be a tutu, a dress, or even a swimsuit; it all depends on your mood! But it is discreet enough to also be retro cute underwear, allowing you to dress Ruby with real clothes extremely easily over it! Her gloves and shoes are also sculpted and they aren’t removable.

No matter what our generation is, we all, all of us, grew up with short cartoons in our childhood; and they all left an engraved memory of wonder and joy in our hearts. When I was a child, I DREAMED for a retro cartoon character to be mine.

These Cartoons have been created in the 20’s, and called “Rubber Hose Animation.” because the animation was aiming to be fluid, elastic and bendable like a rubber hose. The 20’s is an era we all admire and love, even though it was at the same time a very difficult period. We are in our 20’s and I thought that since we also live a difficult period, it was time to celebrate them with something magical in order to show the bright side of life.

Therefore, in order to make my childhood dream come true, but also to make us all have joy in our lives, I am extremely pleased and over excited to introduce; directly inspired by the “Merry Melodies” and “Silly Symphonies”; Ruby my first “Magical Musical” BJD!

NOTE. Shown with wigs to demonstrate.  Not included.