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NRFB.  The Casual Khaki Ensemble for Diana, The People’s Princess Doll Never Removed From Box

The Casual Khaki Ensemble for Diana, The People’s Princess Doll Created exclusively for the Princess Diana vinyl portrait dress-up doll. Fashionable khaki Capri-style pants, a classic sleeveless blue blouse, traditional loafers and a matching belt.
Includes sunglasses and a cuff watch. On a mission of mercy, our princess is an angel — even in casual clothes.
A. Classic sunglasses just like the ones she wore are included in this ensemble.
B. The belt is a perfect compliment to the Capri-style khaki pants.
C. Traditional penny loafers complete the look we remember so well.

In 1997 Princess Diana traveled to Angola on behalf of the countless victims of land mine disasters. The photos and stories that came from that visit touched the hearts of people around the world. And even in the face of disaster, Diana looked like an angel, attired in this classic outfit which includes tailored Capri-style pants a sleeveless blue shirt, penny loafers and belt.

Also included are lovely classic sunglasses and a fashionable cuff watch. Even the custom-designed packaging was created exclusively for this collection. It’s a memory of her compassionate spirit that will inspire us forever.

The Franklin Mint has pledged a minimum of 4 million dollars worldwide to charity in tribute to the beloved Princess Diana.

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