Poppy Parker Chain Reaction Ginger Gilroy Mini Gift Set


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2023 IT Direct Club Right-To-Buy Lottery.  Poppy Parker Chain Reaction Ginger Gilroy Mini Gift Set.  LE1300.

Always the one to make a splash, Ginger Gilroy could not pass the opportunity to outshine her favourite “frenemy” Poppy Parker at the art show! Dressed in a totally MOD look for her trip to London, a quick change is all she needs groove the night away in her own interpretation of what “Op Art” is! Who do you think the press will remember more? We are not certain, but one thing’s for sure, Ginger will be unforgettable!

12-inch articulated doll with short rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;
Sleeveless, A-line mini dress with a high-contrast black and white pattern;
Knee-high faux-leather high-heeled boots (designed to fit the high-heeled lower legs, included);
Long-sleeved striped shirt and matching legging set;
White skirt with micro-chain shoulder straps;
Striped hood;
Pair of white “go-go” boots (designed to fit the articulated ankle lower legs, included);
Clear vinyl tote bag with contrasting faux-leather straps;
Pair of sunglasses with high-fashion opaque lenses;
Stacked hoop earrings;
Newly developed MOD rings;
Cuff bracelet;
Pair of long-manicured hands;
Pair of alternate grip hands;
Bonus! Pair of alternate articulated ankle lower legs;
Doll stand;
Certificate of authenticity.

Head Sculpt: Ginger
Body Type: Poppy 1.5
Foot Sculpt: Articulated Ankle And High-heeled
Skin Tone: Japan
Hair Color: Titian Red
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied