OOAK Regency Costume Mauve/Lavender, SD13, Cissy


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Joyce’s creations are created with antique and designer fabrics along with antique laces, ribbons, vintage pieces, feathers.  Each is a delicate and stunning period piece. 

OOAK. Complete outfit including dress, padded rump bustle, and hat. Fits Cissy Size – 59cm.and SD bjds.

Dress of antique flowered mauve and silver grey crepe with apron front trimmed with vintage lace. Separate lined jacket of crinkle satin edged wtih rayon cord. The jacket is fastened at the front with three vintage buttons and has an antique lace collar and bow at back. The hat is of hand-dyed sisal in mauve and is decorated with ostrich feathers and vintage silk and velvet flowers.  

Note:  The hats also have a wire stiffener around the edges and can also be shaped as required.

Measurements: Tall – 59cm, Circumference of neck: 8.7cm, Circumference of chest: 24.2cm, width of shoulders: 11cm, Length from shoulder to wrist: 18cm, Circumference of wrist: 5.5cm, Length of Back: 10cm, Circumference of waist: 17cm, Circumference of hips: 25cm, Length from hip to ankle: 31cm, From waist to tiptoe: 37cm, Foot size: 6.8cm, Upper arm: 8cm.

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