OOAK Regency Costume Browns/Blues for SD10/SD13


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Note: The shoes are stiffened with a wire strip inside the construction and can be shaped to the different feet. The hats also have a wire stiffener around the edges and can also be shaped as required.

Measurements: Tall – 59cm, Circumference of neck: 8.7cm, Circumference of chest: 24.2cm, width of shoulders: 11cm, Length from shoulder to wrist: 18cm, Circumference of wrist: 5.5cm, Length of Back: 10cm, Circumference of waist: 17cm, Circumference of hips: 25cm, Length from hip to ankle: 31cm, From waist to tiptoe: 37cm, Foot size: 6.8cm, Upper arm: 8cm.


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