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Master Artist Annie Wahl, NANA?S FAMILY ? Nana, the matriarch of the family, is new in her original box and comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity. Nana sits in an authentic plush stuffed maroon chair with a crocheted doilie on the back. She is looking through wire-rimmed glasses at the family photo album complete with several pages of photos of her family members; Bea, Jake, Clara, Sister Mary Margaret, etc. Nana is dressed in a cotton dress with white lace collar and cuffs and wears a cameo at the neck. Underneath all are white cotton knit bloomers, cotton stockings, and black lace-up shoes. This doll (a little over 8? high) has realistic hair, a soft cloth body, and hard plastic face, with jointed arms and legs. Nana is beautifully sculpted in rich detail and may remind you of your own grandmother as she sits in her chair reliving fond memories of ?odd? relatives. Her personal story is printed on the Certificate of Authenticity.

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