MUTT Beautiful Mutants Dragons – Lillikit by Soom


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.  Dragons.  Dimension : W 110 x H 81 x D 68 mm; Matter : Dragon : PVC, Stand : ABS; Manufacture : SOOM Korea

JunkHouse is a Seoul-based artist, street artist, graphic designer, and illustrator. In addition to solo and group exhibitions throughout South Korea, her artworks have been exhibited internationally, from Shanghai and Brazil to Germany and Sydney. JunkHouse’s works are based on her concept of ‘Organicism’, whicMUTT – Beautiful Mutantsh can be defined as new life forms born through her eyes and re-imagined through her interpretation of inorganic objects. These inorganic objects may be things that the artist doodled, an expression of rigid objects such as houses, buildings, images, or keywords within her unconsciousness, processed metaphysically, and then born as new organic images. The collaboration between JunkHouse and lillikit allows the artist to express its creativity through the art toys named “ MUTT“. These are lively colorful, pretty mutants with funny shapes, that materialize the idea of the evolution of inorganic into beautiful organic monsters.

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