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2017.  Limited Edition 300.  Dressed Doll. 

One of Mary Astor’s biggest roles wasn’t played out on the silver screen. The tears, tales, and drama all played out on the front pages of the press as one of Hollywood’s most elegant stars was embroiled in a scandal of epic proportions.

They called them the Purple Diaries—Mary’s private journals, leaked to the public in a messy divorce case. As the nannies, witnesses, and celebrities filled the courtroom—no one’s testimony was more highly anticipated than that of the movie star herself. And on the day she was scheduled to take the stand, Mary did not disappoint.

The actress was always smartly dressed—indeed, if her career was ruined because of the scandal, she was prepared to work as a fashion buyer; but as she pulled up to court that fateful afternoon,  she needed to make sure her outfit served her purpose—to communicate one thing—she was an honest woman who would sacrifice everything to get custody of her daughter.

Taking The Stand is a replica of the outfit Mary Astor wore to the stand during the case of The Purple Diaries—the biggest Hollywood scandal of the 1930’s.  She wears a tailored black dress with a matching hat, gloves, and a pale blue georgette overcoat.
The Mary Astor doll is made of the finest hard plastic and vinyl and stands 16″ tall with 15 points of articulation.  Her rooted saran hair of auburn is styled in her signature coif  setting off her pale brown eyes and hand painted features perfectly.  Mary stays on her feet with an acrylic base.


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