Long Mohair Wig (Blond) Size 9.5-10.5″


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SIZE : 9.5-10.5″ (SD,  SD13, Lut’s Delf ETC COMMON SIZE)
COLOR : Blond – Shown left

GLiB’s Mohair wigs are made of the finest 100% natural Mohair fiber, which is the ideal hair material for realistic and elegant look of collectible doll. 

Mohair wig is easy to make style with natural soft touch. 
GLiB’s Mohair wig cab has elasticity and is finished with soft clothes for soft touch and fitting well on the doll head.

Our first hair designer is one of the top doll hair designer, we supply the finest styling and quality of Mohair wigs.

★ Styling Tip
Middle long mohair wig is one of the popular item for BJD owners. 
It looks natural and available to express the various moods with one wig. 
It is easy to change style with turning over the hair with fingers. 
It is also adorable with binding two pony tails!

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