Laure Belle Couture Wig Cap Size 9-10 (Fits SD+/Cissy/Etc)


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Doll Wig Cap. Size 9-10. Handmade.

Made of clear silicone, it protects your doll’s head from staining and helps the wig fit better. No more sliding wigs! All caps can be re-cut with scissors for the perfect fit.

The wig caps are made of silicone rubber. After some use, they can take some dust from the wigs or from some outfits, so they can be washed with liquid soap, rinsed, and then left alone for drying. For an additional “security” tip, put a tiny strip of saran wrap (food wrap) on the forehead of your resin doll under the wig cap, where a doll make-up sealer may have been sprayed, and it will assure you that nothing could happen to your precious doll and her makeup.

Please note these wig caps are handmade in France by Laure Belle Couture. They provide a better fit and less slippage than the machine made caps.