KA0019A Cooking Mama Outfit – Lati Yellow, Pukifee


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Major Material: 100% Cotton. Major Colour: Shocking Pink & White. Items Included: Chef Hat, Blouse, Dress, Apron, Wooden cooking spoon, Underpant, White Socks, Shoes. This outfit also fits Lati Yellow BJD.

 a very good girl who love her family a lot and loves to give surprise to them. This time, she try to cook a meal, although she just cook simple dishes, everyone will be really happy with it! We designed a ‘Cooking Ma Ma’ set, a cutest cook outfit for her, it is combined with a short sleeve blouse, a shocking pink dot printed dress and an embroidered apron. There are lace decorated on both the blouse and the dress. The highlight of the set is there is a Chef Hat and a wooden cooking spoon included as accessories! A pair of pink & purple Mary Janes and white socks is designed to match the set perfectly. PukiFee is typically adorable on her chef look!

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