Impl Young Moon (MSD) Pink Skin Full Set 46cm


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Impl Young Basic Doll (MSD) – Moon.  46cm.  Normal Pink Skin.  Includes face-up,  costume, elf ears, blushed horns, and 14mm random eyes.   Includes COA.  Does not include bag.

Tall:  46cm
Head Circumference:  18cm
Neck Circumference:  7cm
Width of Shoulder: 9.5cm
Length Shoulder to Wrist: 13cm
Chest Circumference:  21.5cm
Waist Circumference:  14.5cm
Hip Circumference:  19.5cm
Leg Length:  24cm
Thigh Circumference:  10.5cm
Calf Circumference: 7.5cm
Feet Length:  5.8cm


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