Hands Across the World Emma (USA) by Dianna Effner 6″


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In the eyes of a child we are all one, ready to hold hands all across the world to make it a better place. Emma, a little girl from the United States, shares this happy thought of universal friendship as she holds her special hobby horse.

She is the inspired creation of award-winning Master Doll Artist, Dianna Effner, and the seventh issue in her very first international doll collection exclusively from Ashton-Drake called Hands Across the World. It introduces you to Emma and her friends, each one completely handcrafted and costumed to perfection.

They are dedicated to making the world a better place…and you can help as a portion of the proceeds of this collection will be donated to children’s charities in an effort to provide assistance to children in need.

Emma is beautifully sculpted by the artist, and then crafted of artisan resin and painted by hand to capture her distinctive facial features, pale skin tone and realistic-looking eyes—a special talent Ms. Effner is famous for. She carries a hobby horse that’s included FREE.

Each doll is approximately 6” high. These dolls are not toys, but fine collectibles to be enjoyed by adult collectors. Fabrics may vary slightly.  Sugg Retail $40

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