Fwigs Faux Fur Wig – Gold Size 6-7


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Fwigs by Michele Hardy.

Handmade Faux Fur Wig (on skin).Size Tips:
4/5: 16″ fashion dolls, Ficon bjd,
5/6: Creedy, Bambicrony, 16″ fashion dolls
6/7: most small-headed slim-minis (Narae, miniSup, Goodreau vinyl, Sprite/Espree), Fairyland Minifee, and most 10-12″ child dolls (Cupi, Leeke Sweet)
7/8: most MSDs: AOD, Dollzone, Soulkid, Goodreau resin, DIM, etc, larger headed slim minis like Minifee
8/8.5: smaller headed SDs : Elfdoll, Supia, Souldoll, B&G, etc
9/9.5: larger headed SDs: Volks, Minimee, Dollstown, Peak’sWood, Happydoll
Fwigs ~ Genuine Tibetan Lambskin Collection ~ Limited!

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