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Day In The Sun Barbie Doll  LE1100
NRFB Brunette Version  Paris Fashion Doll Festival

This is the rare Brunette version of Day in the Sun Barbie.   Brunette is an edition
of 1,100 dolls that were created for  Paris Fashion Doll Festival and Chicago Fashion Doll Festival.

The Chicago Festival was cancelled.

In the warm Hollywood sun, Barbie doll takes a
break from her hectic shooting schedule to catch up on her latest
scripts. She looks chic and elegant in her leopard print swimsuit
accented with a striking black sarong. Her platform sandals,
sunglasses, and bracelets complement her “Hollywood” image.

To top it all off, Barbie wears a wide brim straw cloth hat
secured by a black scarf, the final accent to her fabulous look.



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