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Christmas Bear Eliese from Zwergnese, Germany.  Designed by Nicole Marschollek-Menzner.  Handmade Mohair Bear with leather pad feet. Articulated legs, arms, neck.   Costumed in dark green silk, sugar crusted “berries, handbag with the berries.


Zwergnase dolls, bears, and other animals are handmade, handpainted, and created with highest quality materials in Germany.  Our inventory is new and purchased directly from Zwergnase.She wears a necklace with golden ornament. 

COA, Blue Box.

Removed from box only for pictures.


23 of LE77. 13″ mohair bear.  2002 Christmas Bear.  Designed by Nicole Marschollek-Menzner.  Retail $470.

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