CCC Regular Booties Wild Animal Pink with back zipper fits Lati White, Puki Length 1.7 CM (.67″) ; Width 1CM (.40″) 


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FOOT SIZE: Length 1.7 CM (.67″) ; Width 1CM (.40″) 

CCC’s IF REGULAR Booties   Faux Leather with Back Zipper. 

  For 11cm-14cm Lati White, Lati White SP, Puki Puki, Real Puki, For Fidelia, Fuuga, Isilmë, Bee Withme, Fidelina, Gaylibri Bird Boy, Fuugalina, Silmë

FOOT SIZE: Length 1.7 CM (.67″) ; Width 1CM (.40″)

“All a Firefly Faerie really needs are Goggles, Wings and Stompin’ IF Booties!”

IF Booties designed by Charles Grimberg-Stephan
©2009/2017 Copyright Charles’ Creature Cabinet All Rights Reserved

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