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LE5000. Open Road fashion #985 on a reproduction brunette ponytail Barbie doll! This is the first doll available in the new Barbie Collector packaging featuring an updated closed cake box with a layer of acetate underneath to protect the doll – perfect for displaying NRFB or de-boxing for dress and play fun!

From the adorable car coat complete with the toggle fasteners that clip and close to the beige short-sleeved shell to the other fabulous accessories including the striped zipper pants, straw cloth hat with attached red scarf, rockin’ red sunglasses with blue tinted lenses, super chic wedge sandals, and the ULTIMATE HTF item – the Mattel map – this one’s sure to win over even the most discerning collector. And not only is the outfit delightfully detailed, but the doll – a pretty brunette ponytail doll with ruby red lips and creamy skin – is just delightful! Comes in original shipper box.

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