BJD Waist Doll Omega Stand (30-70cm Dolls)


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Omega Doll Stand 
-stand for 30cm-70cm doll

This is a new style stand created by Glib.  Parts include cherry wood base, stainless steel part A with bendable Omega shape wing, and stainless steel extension.

■ SIZE : height 19cm-35cm / wood base 17cm
■ COLOR : Cherry wood base and stainless steel
■ Composition : Wood base, Part A(with Omega Wing), Part B(Extension colume)

GLiB’s original design of doll stand.


It is available to stand various sizes of dolls up to 70cm height of doll with Part B as extension column.  The bendable Omega shape wing is fitted to the various doll bodies, which keeps the waist line or side line of the body according to the doll posture or size or custom, it keeps the best condition for display. 

The GLiB’s Omega doll stand is excellent choice for practical use and elegant display with cherry wood color wooden base.

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