2023 WClub Exclusive 7 Sins Sloth: The Monarchs Homme Leisure Lounge Paolo Marino


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7 Sins: Sloth The 2023 Integrity Toys Online Event WClub Lottery. The Monarchs Homme Collection. Leisure Lounge Paolo Marino Dressed Fashion Figure. LE500.

Financier Paolo Marino normally lives a fast-paced, high-stakes type of lifestyle, but now and then, even one of the most successful men in the world needs a break… And when he does, it all stops. Set for an extremely lazy day of doing very little, our man Paolo is just happy to lounge around sipping on one of the expensive spirits he collected to celebrate one of his top deals. But should he worry about anything right now? Nah, maybe tomorrow. Designed by Vaughn Sawyers.


12.5-inch articulated fashion figure with flocked and partially rooted hair;
Two-piece custom printed satin pajama set with open back and wrap-around tie detail;
Faux-fur lined, faux-leather slip-on shoes;
Set of golden finger rings;
Monogram necklace;
Miniature cognac glass accessory;
Faux-fur rug;
Pair of regular Homme hands;
Alternate pair of Homme grip hands;
Fashion figure stand;
Certificate of authenticity.

Head Sculpt: Paolo
Body Type: Homme 1.5
Skin Tone: Hungarian
Hair Color: Silver Ash