2023 WClub X Cold Carbon Blood Moon Tenzin Dahkling Fashion Figure


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2023 WClub Right to Buy Lottery. Blood Moon Tenzin Dahkling™ Fashion Figure. Integrity Toys X Cold Carbon. Edition Size: 1200.

In the third of four sensational dolls created for Integrity Toys X Cold Carbon Collaboration, you are invited to be part of the story and enter the chilling, haunting world of vampire hunters!

In the dimly lit streets of the village, the dapper figure of Tenzin Dahkling glided with effortless grace, his cane tapping rhythmically against the cobblestones. With a debonair charm and keen intellect, he was not your typical vampire hunter. Clad in tailored suits and polished boots, Tenzin exuded an air of sophistication as he tracked down the creatures of the night. His cane, more than a mere accessory, was poised to strike at any undead foe. With each encounter, Tenzin Dahkling proved that style and substance were the perfect weapons against the darkness that lurked in the dimly lit shadows cast by the blood moon.


12.5-inch articulated fashion figure with rooted hair;
Mystical look comprised of a white button-down collared shirt, black pants with a slightly cropped hem and dramatic black cape coat;
Red satin necktie;
Top hat;
Oversized metal tipped black “crocodile skin” shoes;
Custom-embellished walking stick;
Vintage “leather” doctor’s bag;
Bull head pendant necklace;
Steampunk style sunglasses;
Detachable chain with cross charm;
Pair of regular Homme hands;
Alternate pair of gloved hands;
Fashion figure stand;
Story card;
Certificate of authenticity.

Head Sculpt: Tenzin
Body Type: Homme 1.5
Skin Tone: Hungarian
Hair Color: Silver