The Art of Patti Playpal


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Hardcover with dust jacket. 176 pages. By Jennifer A.H. Kohn, Rita J. McCloskey and Pauline V. Yobe. Featuring more than 200 breathtaking color photographs, this book celebrates Patti Playpal and her family of dolls, popular playthings of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Interviews with the original sculptor, Neil Estern, present insight into the sculpting process and the company that produced her, the Ideal Toy & Novelty Company. The authors are longtime Patti collectors and experts, and collaboratively provide a look at rare dolls and outfits, share newly discovered information and present a chapter on how to care for, perserve and display these vinyl dolls. The Art of Patti Playpal is sure to appeal to collectors, dollmakers and all those who have fond memories of childhood hours spent with Patti Playpal.

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