Edwardian Evening Costume OOAK (Fits SD)


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OOAK. Complete outfit including dress, hat, tights and shoes. Size – 59cm.

This is the traditional high waisted style of the time and is made from beautiful vintage black cotton lace fabric. The dress is fully lined in pale pink taffeta and the sleeves are rows of fine cotton lace in black over peach lace. The neckline is edged in antique lace netting. The empire waist is embellished with a belt and rhinestone drop brooch. The hat is typical style of the time made from stiffened lace fabric lined with peach satin and topped with loads of frilled lace and vintage flowers. Shoes are black leather in the Court style. Tights included.

Modeled by Elfdoll SD BJD with OOAK faceup.

Note: The shoes are stiffened with a wire strip inside the construction and can be shaped to the different feet. The hats also have a wire stiffener around the edges and can also be shaped as required.

Measurements: Tall – 59cm, Circumference of neck: 8.7cm, Circumference of chest: 24.2cm, width of shoulders: 11cm, Length from shoulder to wrist: 18cm, Circumference of wrist: 5.5cm, Length of Back: 10cm, Circumference of waist: 17cm, Circumference of hips: 25cm, Length from hip to ankle: 31cm, From waist to tiptoe: 37cm, Foot size: 6.8cm, Upper arm: 8cm.


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