“Sunny” Meadowdolls Sprout ‘Nunnu’ Fair Resin 4.7″ (12cm) Full Set


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Sunny  Meadowdolls Sprout “Nunnu” sculpt is  4.7″ tall (12cm) Fair Resin ball jointed doll.  Makeup as shown. auburn pageboy wig  and glass eyes.  COA and cotton roll magnetic base and graphic case.

Sunny is wearing a Ylang Garden  frilly pink party dress with matching hair accessory.  Lots of metallic silver dots are scattered on the overlay skirt with lace at the bottom; underneath is a pink dress.


Wig size 4-5.  8mm eyes. Nunnu dolls have magnets in feet so she can stand on the magnet base which is included.


Sprout can wear Lati White SP, Lati White  and OB11 clothes.