Meadowdolls Dumpling TIA Honey Resin BJD Nude


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Meadowdolls Dumpling Tia with Honey Skin  11″.   Comes with makeup, glass eyes, coa, pillow roll.

Faceup created my Meadowdoll and executed at the factory.  Handpainted.

Dumpling can wear several Boneka outfits, Ylang Garden, knit outfits to accomodate the her her big belly, etc. Tia is holding Sprout Nunnu.  Available separately.

In the Gallery we’ve show a variety of outfits for Dumpling.  Contact us for help.

The price includes the $65 shipping from Sweden.


Height:  28cm, 11″

Wig:8/9 or 7/8

Shoes: 38mm x 20


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