Impl Trista Double Set: Human and Deer


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Set includes 2 complete dolls:  

Impl Young Trista with human body with makeup, eyes, 

PLUS  Trista deer (MSD) with deer body blushing, head with faceup and set of Spiral Horns, Set of Antlers, Tail, eyes and  leg piece. All with blushing.  44cm. Normal  White Skin including face-up as shown in image.  

14mm random eyes.  Wig and clothing are included.  Includes black leather bag and coa.

Tall:  44cm
Head Circumference:  18cm
Neck Circumference:  7cm
Width of Shoulder: 9.5cm
Length Shoulder to Wrist: 12.5cm
Chest Circumference:  18.5cm
Waist Circumference:  14.5cm
Hip Circumference:  19cm
Leg Length:  22cm
Thigh Circumference:  11.5cm
Calf Circumference: 8.5cm
Feet Length:  5.6cm

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