Gotz Merit by Hildegard Gunzel 23″ LE400 NRFB

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Never Removed from box; New.

Merit was created in Germany in the Gotz workshop in 2004.  LE400,  Artist: Hildegard Gunzel creation being hand painted,  23″ vinyl with auburn human hair and green hazel hand blown glass eyes.

Her clothes are of high quality, cotton underwear, a silk dress and a velvet jacket. Matching her red shoes and her red petticoat she wears a big red bow in her hair. 

Merit’s  socket head, shoulders and upper body, lower arms and legs are made of vinyl. Beaded joints in upper arms make it possible to pose the doll.
The lower half of her torso is of stuffed cloth.
Gotz artist dolls are highly collectable worldwide. They are designed by famous artists and made of high quality.  
 Our dolls have never been out of the box; never undressed.  There many be staining from clothing or shoes or underwear.  If this is present, it is not considered ‘damage’ nor reason for return.

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