Circus Kane BATULA 6″ Gray Resin Glow in the Dark Faceup by Nefer


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Batula, maybe because she has a grandiose bloodline considering who her father is; she thinks she’s a superhero. You won’t talk her out of it. So her costume of choice is Batman. Don’t laugh, she can be sensitive. But if you look at the pictures, that costume got her quite the candy basket so I guess that’s ok, since Halloween is the day where anyone can be who they want!

Like Batman, lil Batula needs an alfred to look after her and take care of her, she wishes you will be her loving guardian or even mom!

Households with a cave are preferable, but if you don’t have one, an attic or even a closet can do. I STRONGLY advise to avoid kitchen closets though… you wouldn’t believe what such a small baby can eat in one night of insomnia!

That being said, even if she’s Dracula’s daughter, Batula is very fashionable and trendy, so she will be come to meet you with her pair of earrings (she believes in first impressions being good ones.) So each Batula will have her pair of earrings on! 😉

Batula is a pocket, so like Boo and Boogey she has Pigoo body. She 15cm tall and takes 10mm eyes.

Comes in Nefer striped cotton wrap.


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