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Circus Kane Nova is full set with wig and outfit as in primary picture.  She is Powder resin, eyes 12mm, and size wig 6.   Faceup by Nefer.  Wearing blended brown synthetic mohair wig and  Boneka fashion.

“Nova is my new MSD sculpt. She takes 12mm eyes and her wig size is 6. She wears MSD shoes. For those having one : she is taller than Lemur ^^

She has a very new special shoulder joint that allows her to shrug, to throw her arms backward and forward like a ballerina, or to lower her shoulders in relaxation. that’s also very useful to dress her! The posability of her whole body and even the range of movements of her head are probably my best work so far.

During this historical hard time, this time of fear, uncertainty, hardship, struggle and fight for survival in so many ways; Nova is the renewal of the world we all miss. Nova is the promise of a new dawn, no matter how long and thick the gloom of the night is.

She has big feet, because we will all walk Earth again, she has big ears, because we will all listen thus care better for one another and hear better the vibration of the world that is now paused or disturbed by the cacophony of the pandemic and its thousands theories. She is serene, for we all will love each other again, and try to better our world and mankind again. She is the new day. She is Nova.”

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