Charming Tails Collector’s Value Guide 1998 Edition by Scott Sierakowski and David Teneyck


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As the Charming Tails collection grows and the secondary market for the pieces expands, collectors can rely on the Collector’s Value Guide for up-to-date information and entertaining features that help make collecting Charming Tails even more fun. Inside the Value Guide you’ll find a comprehensive overview of Charming Tails, highlights of the 1998 releases, retirement news and information on variations. Collectors will also enjoy fun features like an exclusive interview with Charming Tails artist Dean Griff, a challenging quiz, and the chance to get acquainted with those lovable animal characters in our Charming Tails Family section. Best of all, the Value Guide pictures every Charming Tails piece in full color and lists the latest secondary market values for retired pieces. If you enjoy Dean Griff’s mice, bunnies and other delightful wildlife characters, you’ll certainly enjoy reading all about them in the first edition of the Collector’s Value Guide to Charming Tails!

128 pages, Paperback

First published May 1, 1998

ISBN: 9781888914221

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