Carpatina Julia 18″ (Slim Body)


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Slim-bodied and made of high-quality vinyl, Julia stands 18″ tall. Her hair is designed for easy care and restyling. With open-close eyes and movable arms and legs, she’s perfect for displays or play. Julia comes packaged in a royal blue presentation box, with complete care instructions. Julia can exchange outfits with the Magic Attic , Stardust Classics and other Just Pretend dolls.

The Middle Ages, the Renaissance and that lovely mythic era that fairy tales describe. Those are the ages that fascinate Julia. She dreams of brave knights, fair ladies, lordly monarchs and mysterious advisors-with perhaps a dragon or two-who inhabit a time that’s never been and has always been. Following in the footsteps of her great-aunt, Julia now explores the times and places of her dreams. Aunt Cordelia willed both Julia and Isabella, Julia’s cousin, jeweled necklaces. The gem, along with a deep and true wish, is enough to transport the wearer to where she longs to be. Julia is never long from setting out on her next quest. Lively brown eyes and a glowing complexion reveal her imaginative mind and venturesome spirit. Too impatient to dress her hair, she lets it flow down her back in long chestnut waves. Her clothing is charmingly simple too. A knee-length crepe dress, trimmed with delicate roses, and ribboned slippers suit her perfectly. But for tomorrow’s adventure, who knows?

This outfit does not fit American Girl size dolls.

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