Carpatina Guinevere Outfit 18″ (Slim Body)


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Includes linen gown with velvet trimming and gold and diamonts accents, gold and diamonds crown and matching slippers. Fits 18″ slim bodied dolls including Carpatina, Magic Attic, Stardust Classics and Just Pretend.

“Choose,” commanded the wizard Merlin, wrapped in his starry cloak. “Choose the gift you most desire, Lady Guinevere.” Emma surveyed the gifts in front of her, each presented by a handsome servant. Stranger though she was to this time and place, and playing Guinevere’s role for the first time, she still knew that this was a test. Depending on the gift she chose, old Merlin would judge whether she was a bride worthy of King Arthur. Emma passed down the row of gifts once more. The long train of her green linen gown skimmed a ruby-studded chest. A carved ivory mirror briefly caught the flash of gold embroidery and velvet and rhinestone trim of her dress. Her delicately laced slippers slid over a soft, silver-threaded carpet. But Emma didn’t pause until she reached a servant bearing a simple but exquisite gold and diamond circlet. “This is my choice,” she announced. The servant before her bowed, then raised the crown to Emma’s head. But as he withdrew his hand, Emma caught it. For a long moment she looked deep into his eyes, then dropped a curtsey. “This is my choice, lords,” she declared. “The one who carries the crown.” The servant threw aside his cloak to reveal a king’s garments. Beaming joyfully at the wizard, he announced, “I’d say my bride has found me, Merlin.” Emma smiled. “Perhaps, Arthur. Or perhaps it’s love that’s truly found us both.”

This outfit will not fit American Girl size dolls.

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