Carpatina Elizabethan Ball Outfit 18″ (Slim Body)


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Includes blue ball gown decorated with pearls and saphires, lace trimmed sleeves and collar and gold lacings at back matching shoes, and pearl hair decoration. Fits 18″ slim bodied dolls including Carpatina, Magic Attic, Stardust Classics and Just Pretend.

Emma first knew her danger when a loud shout came from outside the carriage. Then the coach shuddered to a stop and the door was flung open. “Well,” a masked man murmured. “Who would have guessed that we’d find such a jewel tonight?” Highwaymen! Emma thought. And no help nearby! The robber gave Emma a mocking bow. “If you please, my lady, step out of the carriage.” Emma knew the choice wasn’t hers. She stepped to the ground and took in the scene. One thief held a sword to her coachman’s throat, but the other three had eyes only for her. What irony, thought Emma. The hours she’d spent on this dress for the dance tonight. Picking the shimmering blue satin. Hunting for organza ribbons just the right shade. Arranging the pearls and sapphires that trimmed the gown. Working the lace into an exquisite collar. Now the only audience she had for the gown was a band of thieves! But there were more important things to consider. “Gentlemen,” she said quietly, “I beg you to spare my coachman’s life.” The group’s leader smiled. “Perhaps, my lady. But what have you to give in exchange?” Emma thought quickly. Then she demanded, “Your sword.” Seeing him hesitate, she added, “I assure you, I shall not rob you.” With an astonished laugh, the robber handed her the weapon. He watched as Emma deftly cut loose a pearl from her gown. Another flick and a sapphire tumbled to the ground. “Enough!” the robber commanded. “We are rough men. But we respect bravery-and beauty. You have more than paid your ransom.” He motioned to his men. As he turned to go, the robber called back, “You are a noble swordswoman, my lady. And a pearl beyond price.”

Does not fit American Girl size dolls.

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