CA0007A Honee-B Chocolate Dolly (4.5″) Puki Puki Size


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Hello, I’m Honee-B. I love Chocolate! Romancing the pleasure and LE 80.aroma of Chocolate’s natural ingredients, I can eat every kind of food containing chocolate, whether it is candies, ice-cream, cookies, brownie, chocolate bars, raw chocolate, etc. EVERYDAY!

To get ready for me to participate in my friend Kellie’s birthday party today, I asked my mom to dress me up like a chocolate dolly.

So my mom made me a small cocoa cake to wear it on my head; and also dressed me up like a strawberry ice-cream cone dipped with chocolate icing. Don’t I look great with this pink-brown dress on?

Mom has also prepared some delicious chocolate cookies and chocolate cakes for Kellie. I’m ready to go and have fun now. Chocolate anyone?

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