Betsy McCall: A Collector’s Guide with Values by Marci Van Ausdall


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The first book on Betsy McCall will identify, date and value Betsy McCall dolls. Through the 556 color photos you will enjoy and learn the vintage examples such as the 14″ dolls by Ideal; the 8″, 14″, and 20″ dolls by American Character; the 11-1’2″ dolls by Uneeda, and the child-size dolls of Betsy, Linda and Sandy McCall; to the complete current line of Betsy dolls by Robert Tonner. Also included are the dolls by Tomy, Rothschild, Horsman, Laramie and more. The characteristics of the dolls are discussed and hundreds of Betsy’s outfits and accessories are identified, including the one-of-a-kind and limited edition clothing. Betsy McCall patterns fill a chapter! Articles and references to the Betsy McCall dolls will aid researchers and collectors alike. 556 color photos.
152 pages.
Published November 1999
ISBN: 9780875885476

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