Ashton-Drake Delilah Noir Class Act and Violaceous Rave 16″ BJD NRFB


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This doll is never removed from her original Ashton-Drake box inside her replaced Ashton-Drake shipper Box.  Purchased from Ashton-Drake.  Doll Peddlar is an authorized Ashton-Drake retailer.  New. Mint.  Never Opened.Ashton-Drake created Delilah, 16″ vinyl ball jointed fashion doll with brown eyes. This Delilah is “Class Act” and “Violaceous Rave”.  INCLUDED:

Delilah comes with all of her original outfits and accessories plus coa and wrist tag; her original blonde wig and her original black wig, and both flat feet and high heel feet.

CLASS ACT OUTFIT:  Blonde wig, flat feet, white dress shirt, black jacket, red plaid skirt, white panties, white thigh high stockings, and black loafers.

VIOLACEOUS RAVE OUTFIT:  Black wig, high-heel feet, ruffle dress, formal coat with tails, purple lace stockings, black stockings, purple panties, high-heel boots, and beaded necklace.

From Ashton Drake Description:

By day, she’s a hard-working, straight A student… But as the sun gets lower, the wilder she gets! Off with the daytime daintiness and on with an edginess that her preppy friends would never recognize if she ever let them in on her secret!

Delilah Noir is a mad mélange of marvelous contradictions. Let her express your mood: either daylight’s sweet serenity or sundown’s shadowy siren that makes her all the rave! Delilah Noir is one of the most innovative dolls on the market, with her unique ball joints and articulations which allow her infinite pose-ability possibilities.

Delilah’s Debut Doll doll/costume set comes with two changeable, elaborately tailored outfits and two different wigs! To transform her into her different personas right before your very eyes!



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