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Special Tribute Banquet at MDCC.  2021 Modern Doll Collectors Convention Dianna Effner Little Darling tribute doll representing Dianna as a child.  She is styled based on a childhood photo of Dianna.  
Magalie Dawson had talked with Dianna about creating a convention doll which would represent Dianna as a child.  Dianna shared with Magalie fond memories of a dress her mother had made for her as a child.  The dress for this doll was lovingly designed by Magalie Dawson to represent that dress shown in the photo.  She carefully chose the fabric for Dianna’s dress.  After the dress was received from Leannie, she added her exquisite embroidery and ribbon flowers. She made the hat and added ribbon flowers to match the dress. 
The doll itself was based on a doll painted by Dianna and chosen by Geri Uribe. Geri felt that this doll most closely resembled Dianna as a child.  Magalie touch ups to enhance the face painting.
“My Favorite Things” written in memory of Dianna by her good friend Juanita Zientara.LE150.  Never Removed from Box with Shipper.  Little Darling #3.

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