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Dolls of Paradise

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 Black & White Striped T-Shirt (SD13 Boy)   Black & White Striped T-Shirt (SD13 Boy)   $15.00 
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 Black Corner Fashion - SD/SD13   Black Corner Fashion - SD/SD13   $89.00 
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 Black Leather Chaparejos Pants (SD13 Boy)   Black Leather Chaparejos Pants (SD13 Boy)   $28.00 
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 Black Trousers (SD13 Boy)   Black Trousers (SD13 Boy)   $32.00 
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 Casual Shirt - Silver Grey (SD13 Boy)   Casual Shirt - Silver Grey (SD13 Boy)   $25.00 
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 Casual Suit Jacket - Black (SD13 Boy)   Casual Suit Jacket - Black (SD13 Boy)   $45.00 
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 Casual Suit Jacket - Damask/Black (SD13 Boy)   Casual Suit Jacket - Damask/Black (SD13 Boy)   $45.00 
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 Casual Suit Jacket - Smoke (SD13 Boy)   Casual Suit Jacket - Smoke (SD13 Boy)   $45.00 
 Buy Now 
 Coat Style Sweater - Grey (SD13 Boy)   Coat Style Sweater - Grey (SD13 Boy)   $42.00 
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 Coat Style Sweater - Pink (SD13 Boy)   Coat Style Sweater - Pink (SD13 Boy)   $42.00 
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 Diamond Dancer Fashion - SD/SD13   Diamond Dancer Fashion - SD/SD13   $79.00 
 Buy Now 
 Earl of Ruby Outfit SD/SD13   Earl of Ruby Outfit SD/SD13   $99.99 
 Buy Now 
 Flower Wizard Outfit (Yo-SD)   Flower Wizard Outfit (Yo-SD)   $52.00 
 Buy Now 
 Geminiflorous Outfit (SD/SD13 Girl)   Geminiflorous Outfit (SD/SD13 Girl)   $79.00 
 Buy Now 
 Grey Trousers (SD13 Boy)   Grey Trousers (SD13 Boy)   $29.99 
 Buy Now 
 Hymn Outfit (SD/SD13 Girl)   Hymn Outfit (SD/SD13 Girl)   $94.00 
 Buy Now 
 Joker Outfit (MSD)   Joker Outfit (MSD)   $62.00 
 Buy Now 
 Knee Socks - Black w/Pink Hearts (SD Size)   Knee Socks - Black w/Pink Hearts (SD Size)   $4.25 
 Buy Now 
 Knee Socks - White w/Black Hearts (SD Size)   Knee Socks - White w/Black Hearts (SD Size)   $4.25 
 Buy Now 
 Knee Socks - White w/Gray Hearts (SD Size)   Knee Socks - White w/Gray Hearts (SD Size)   $4.25 
 Buy Now 
 Knee Socks - White w/Pink Hearts (SD Size)   Knee Socks - White w/Pink Hearts (SD Size)   $4.25 
 Buy Now 
 Lovely Doremi Outfit (MSD)   Lovely Doremi Outfit (MSD)   $86.00 
 Buy Now 
 Magician Outfit (SD/SD13 Boy)   Magician Outfit (SD/SD13 Boy)   $82.00 
 Buy Now 
 Midnight Duke Outfit (SD17 Size)   Midnight Duke Outfit (SD17 Size)   $99.99 
 Buy Now 
 Miss Field II Fashion - SD/SD13   Miss Field II Fashion - SD/SD13   $89.00 
 Buy Now 
 Miss Kitty Fashion - SD/SD10   Miss Kitty Fashion - SD/SD10   $99.99 
 Buy Now 
 Mr. Green Fashion (SD13 Boy)   Mr. Green Fashion (SD13 Boy)   $79.99 
 Buy Now 
 Neptune Fantasy Outfit (SD17 Size)   Neptune Fantasy Outfit (SD17 Size)   $102.00 
 Buy Now 
 Pink Heart Panty - SD/SD13   Pink Heart Panty - SD/SD13   $7.00 
 Buy Now 
 Pink Knit Panty - SD/SD13   Pink Knit Panty - SD/SD13   $7.00 
 Buy Now 
 Printed T-Shirt - Black (SD13 Boy)   Printed T-Shirt - Black (SD13 Boy)   $18.00 
 Buy Now 
 Printed T-Shirt - Grey (SD13 Boy)   Printed T-Shirt - Grey (SD13 Boy)   $18.00 
 Buy Now 
 Printed T-Shirt - Pink (SD13 Boy)   Printed T-Shirt - Pink (SD13 Boy)   $18.00 
 Buy Now 
 Printed T-Shirt - White (SD13 Boy)   Printed T-Shirt - White (SD13 Boy)   $18.00 
 Buy Now 
 Rock 'n Roll Violinist Outfit (SD/SD13 Boy)   Rock 'n Roll Violinist Outfit (SD/SD13 Boy)   $78.00 
 Buy Now 
 Rose Thorns Boy Outfit (SD/SD13 Boy)   Rose Thorns Boy Outfit (SD/SD13 Boy)   $83.00 
 Buy Now 
 Rose Thorns Girl Outfit (SD/SD13 Girl)   Rose Thorns Girl Outfit (SD/SD13 Girl)   $99.00 
 Buy Now 
 Sheer White Heart Panty - SD/SD13   Sheer White Heart Panty - SD/SD13   $6.00 
 Buy Now 
 Tank Style T-Shirt w/Wings - Grey (SD13 Boy)   Tank Style T-Shirt w/Wings - Grey (SD13 Boy)   $14.99 
 Buy Now 
 Velour Jacket - Black & White (SD13 Boy)   Velour Jacket - Black & White (SD13 Boy)   $35.00 
 Buy Now 
 Very Fair Lady Fashion - SD/SD13   Very Fair Lady Fashion - SD/SD13   $98.00 
 Buy Now 
 White Heart Panty - SD/SD13   White Heart Panty - SD/SD13   $7.00 
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 Wilder Outfit (SD/SD13 Boy)   Wilder Outfit (SD/SD13 Boy)   $78.00 
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Gene Cocoa Rose LE500
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18894 Harpist Angel Barbie
18894 Harpist Angel Barbie
01.Knee Socks - White w/Black Hearts (SD Size)
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04.Earl of Ruby Outfit SD/SD13
05.Hymn Outfit (SD/SD13 Girl)
06.Knee Socks - White w/Pink Hearts (SD Size)
07.Knee Socks - Black w/Pink Hearts (SD Size)
08.Pink Knit Panty - SD/SD13
09.Rock 'n Roll Violinist Outfit (SD/SD13 Boy)
10.Tank Style T-Shirt w/Wings - Grey (SD13 Boy)
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Black & White Striped T-Shirt (SD13 Boy)
I have the Mr. Alexander doll and this fit nearly perfect. T ..
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